Moving In: Apartment Inspo

So if you keep up with me, you'd know that recently I announced I was moving into a new space. It's crazy how quickly the day came and went! I moved in on the 1st and I'm in process of unpacking, organizing and setting up the space to be more and more like home everyday. As I start to put together my interior I have created a layout of the space as well as created some moodboards to help me create a theme and look an feel that I aspire for my space. 

Here are a few of the moodboards I've put together that inspire the color palette, layout, textures, and even furniture inspiration. It's been fun researching images for inspiration and getting excited about actually being able to create a space that flows and matches my personality from scratch.

Enjoy the moodboards below...

My main colors in my palette are whites, blues, and greys. This is just a small insight into my vision for my new little apartment, and I can't wait to create and watch it come to fruition! & Soon I'll be able to share the completed space with you all!

Let me know your thoughts!