Let Love Grow.

There is one thing that brings so much purpose to life, and that is love. There are many type of love that you will experience in your life. Some of those are love of family, romantic love, self love, and love of life itself. Love manifests in so many different ways and it's what drives us for so many different things.

When difficult situations, or hardships arise in our lives, it often makes us harden ourselves to love.

No matter what we currently face, it's imperative to always keep our hearts open to love. There is so many ways to do this, and it's important because love is healing.

Start by practicing gratitude and embrace all that is going on in your life. When you reflect on the both the good and the bad, you can then try to focus on trying to harnessing positive energy into your space and learning how to overcome. Then make sure to spend your time with people who inspire and support you– (these are the people that bring love into your life). You need to also make sure you do things that make you happy, whether this be your work, hobby, or just a small daily gesture.

Love grows within, around and from us. So allow that love to grow within– for yourself and for others. Let love grow around you by surrounding yourself with people who encourage that growth and embracing positive energy. & Lastly, let love grow from you– by appreciating all aspects of your life and life that surrounds you.

As I continue to strive to do all of these things myself, I'm seeing love grow in my life in so many ways that I couldn't even have dreamt about. Love is so incredibly healing, and I see it heal me day in and day out. The gratitude that is within my heart is so immense, even when dealing with all the hardships because I know that I can heal and I know that there is so much greatness ahead for me. I hope that everyone of you can find the same feeling in your hearts & embrace love in ways you never knew it could manifest in your lives!

Let love grow, heal, and drive you...

Artwork Featured: Splash, 2013 by T30Gallery