Featured Interview: Working From Home With Operator

Happy humpday everyone!

If you are one of those who keep up with me regularly, you might remember me talking about one of my most recent ventures– working with Operator. & If you haven't already, head over to my previous post *here* where I talk about the company, their app, & what I do with them.

Now more exciting news: I've recently done a feature interview where I talk a bit more in depth on what it means to work from home as an Operator Expert. I was interviewed by The Work From Home Wife blog and the article featuring that interview is up now! You can read it here.

I absolutely love working from home and especially the work I do with Operator. It allows me to use my passion to make money and help others. Best part of it is the flexibility. I set my own schedule, goals, and I can work from wherever I want! This gives me time to work on other projects, travel, and live my life on my terms.

Follow me on the Operator discover feed by downloading the app *here*. Request me by name and you can have me work one on one with you as your personal stylist & shopper! 

I look forward to connecting with you all! 

Thank you all for keeping up with me! There are SO many exciting things that I am doing and I can't wait to share everything with you all!

Leave comments below & Have a wonderful week! 😊