Quiet your heart & listen...

What does it mean to listen really? & Why is it so important? As I begin this Monday morning I find myself in an empty house feeling as if everything is so loud. It wasn't until I sat myself down, closed my eyes & listened, that I realized what all the noise was- my thoughts!

The first part of what it means to listen is listening to yourself. This means listening to your mind, your heart, your body. Every part of you has something to say. When you listen to yourself you understand better what you are going through, in every aspect– mind, body, and soul. Respecting the voice that comes from within you will only lead to true reflection, happiness, and the expression of your authentic self. 

The second part of what it means to listen is listening to others. Now trust me when I say this one is not always easy. It may not be the simplest task but it is certainly so important. Not only for your relationships with others but for yourself. Listening to others will allow you to connect with them, learn from them, develop patience, build trust, strengthen relationships, and most importantly understand. When you truly listen to the people in your life and those you interact with it will only just lead to building relationships and learning. 

Listen within you for reflection, clarity and healing.

Listen outside of you for understanding, knowledge and relationships.

(Artwork featured by Blaire Wheeler)

What is the hardest part of listening for you?