I Can & I will.

Do you believe in yourself? & I'm not asking if anyone else believes in you, no- do YOU believe in you? If you can't answer this question with a yes than it is time for some serious reflection.

It is too often that we are so hard on ourselves. Sometimes we get so down on ourselves that we begin to lose faith in our own capabilities. Truth of the matter is, It all begins with you. You must nourish yourself and realize how amazing and capable you truly are.

It's so easy to lose sight of our goals when we don't feel confident in ourselves.  I frequently have to stop myself and realize that I need faith in myself first instead of trying to seek confirmation and approval from others. Instead it's about building within ourselves. We must realize our own potential and lift ourselves up.

So please know this today: You can do it, and deep down you know this. Reach within and rise up! There are such amazing things ahead for you! Don't let yourself or other get you down.

Repeat after me: I can and I WILL! Watch me...

(Artwork Featured: Koen Lybaert | Abstract N335 | Oil on cavas_2012)

How will you boost your self confidence this week?