No Rain. No Flowers.

How many times have you heard or read somewhere that nothing great comes without some hardship? Or that beauty grows out of the dirt? Now, the real question is how many times did you completely feel this was untrue when going through actual hardship yourself? 

When you are going through difficult times in your life, it's pretty hard to "see the silver lining" or believe that the hardship you are currently dealing with, will produce something incredible or beautiful in the future. As the weight falls on your shoulders and you are pressed further into the ground, it's easier to succumb to those strains then to push up against that weight and try to rise up from the place in which you are in.

I've learned this to be true: nothing last forever...and moments end. You won't be sad forever, you won't be burdened forever, you won't hurt forever. Now while things that are really grave might not ever leave us, we always have the capacity to move forward and to grow. Each hardship we face, each burden we have, are seeds planted within us that can either stay dormant, or grow and flourish into something beautiful. So yes, you might be in the middle of falling apart and think to yourself- "How will I ever make it out of this?" but those are the moments where you remember little sayings like this one: "No rain. No flowers" Without the rain the flowers cannot grow.

I constantly remind myself that a lotus flower grows in the muddiest of ponds. From such a gritty and dirty condition, grows such a beautiful flower. Choose something that becomes a mantra in your life, something that connects with you and use them in times when you are struggling to help you push forward everyday. It won't be easy, but it's possible... 

Artwork Featured: Julia Contacessi | Saint Helena