Beauty & Skincare: Lush Cosmetics

So I'm super excited that my recent Lush purchase has arrived! (My best friend who works for Lush helped me pick out all of these products so big S/O to her) I've currently been in the process of switching to solely all-natural and chemical free beauty and skincare products. & What better way to do that than incorporating Lush products into my daily routine? I have used their products on and off but have never been consistent with them. So as I delve into this new routine, you all can join me in this journey to see how everything works for me! 

Here are some the products I'll be using (with links to The Lush website):

  • Enzymion - A face moisturizer for oily skin made from a mix of citrus fruits, avocado oil, and primose oil.
  • Tea Tree Water - A toner, great for oily skin. A combo of tea tree, juniper berry, and grapefruit keeps your skin looking fresh and balanced.
  • Happy Happy Joy Joy - My favorite conditioner! Rose water, orange blossom water and almond milk base soften, beautify and condition hair.

  • Kinky Hot Oil Treatment - A restorative hair treatment to keep your curls hydrated and silky smooth. 
  • Damaged Hot Oil Treatment- A treatment for hair that is damaged. It has extra virgin olive oil, almond oil, and organic avocado oil to nourish dry hair.
  • 93.00 miles- A eucalyptus and mint shower jelly to help with aching muscles.
  • Avocado CoWash (Not pictured)- Wash & condition in one step. This cowash has fresh avocado to clean hair while also moisturizing & not stripping it of natural oils.

I'm so excited to be using all natural products consistently. Keep up with me to see what other daily routine things I am in the process of changing and new products and regimens I will be incorporating.

If anyone has any tips or products that they swear by please share! 😊

Let me know what you all think of this post in the comments below!