No room for mediocrity.

You were created for greatness so how could you sell your self short & settle for mediocracy? Instead of continuously settling and coasting through your life, start to live with vigor and passion!

Today is a blessing, so begin with this in mind. It is also an opportunity to create something great, not only with what you do but within yourself.  There is so much potential within yourself, so tap into it. Embrace all that you are: every cell laced with beauty and power. Show yourself and those around you how incredible you are and how much more you have within you. Begin with love in your heart, welcome change and opportunity, and be driven by passion and vigor.

Today you didn't wake up to be mediocre, you woke up to be great and share that greatness with the world. 

(Artwork: Ashley Golbert | Wind Gust | 2011)

I pray you all receive, embrace, and emit positivity this week!