Hello, Operator...

A recent new and exciting venture I have embarked on has been my beginning to work for this amazing company called Operator, as part of their "Expert Community".

Operator is an app that connects you to experts to help find you what you want, when you want. 

"A new way to shop, focused on you."

Operator has put together an incredible network of experts who will respond to your request with quality recommendations that are tailored to your taste.

The main part of the app is the one on one interaction through requests. It is shopping through messaging. You let us know what your looking for, we find it for you, and you can purchase directly through the app! (It is available on IOS, Android, and through Facebook Messenger)

If you put in fashion request, please feel free to ask for me, personally (Shaina Doliny) and I can help you find great new products and outfits. 

On the app you can also find the "Discover feed" where you can follow your favorite experts (including myself) and keep up with their personally curated collections of products. I will publish collections weekly in various categories: men's fashion, women's fashion, furniture & decor, cooking & entertaining, and more! Keep up with me, like your favorite collections & products. You purchase products directly off the app through any of the collections.

Below you can find a little preview of some of my previously published collections, since the app's launch.

So what are you waiting for? Go try out Operator today!