We are all born with passions in life; some of them we have since birth and some develop over time as we grow and our lives progress. Unfortunately sometimes we are told are passions are invalid or common societal pressures cause us to let our passions die down and become background noise to everything else in our lives. We are a taught that we must go to school, get good marks, go to college, or get a job and start to make money. Sometimes if we have dreams and passions that seem to "out there" we are scrutinized and criticized and told to focus on more realistic or practical things. Unfortunately more often than not we listen to these criticisms and start to let that fire that once burned within become dimmer and dimmer.

Whether it's a passion in the form of job, hobby or simply the way in which you would like to live your life, you should never let that fire burn out.

Let your dreams and passions burn within your soul and use it to drive you to create a better life for yourself. Grow and constantly let go of fears that stand in the way of you pursuing things in your life that set your soul on fire.

Look inward and listen with an attitude of self-love and work towards a life that you will be proud of.