Do less, with more focus.

How often do we find ourselves drowning in a sea of unfinished tasks: a place of stress and unproductivity? It's probably more often than we would care to admit. When we find ourselves in this place we usually feel discouraged and overwhelmed. It is a difficult, but we can change this. We can avoid falling in to such a place and that begins with editing our life. 

We must look at our lives and prioritize. I, personally begin by asking myself some questions: 

What is it that is most important in my life right now? What are my goals and how can I achieve them? How do I organize my goals? (Primary, Secondary...) As I begin to reflect on my goals and aspirations I can begin to organize what steps must come first and what must follow.

Instead of trying to "do it all" start with just a few things and set your focus on those few. Work hard and dedicate time and effort to center yourself and on these few things and watch them develop into fruition. Take steps and don't allow yourself to get caught up with trying to do too much and putting little effort and not much focus creating chaos and stress. Instead focus on a few large goals and once those develop beautifully, move on to your next set. Once you do this watch as your life produces such amazing and beautifully constructed things. 

(Artwork: Sarah Kelk)