Travel Diary: San Fransisco

It's been one full week since I've come back from my trip from San Fransisco and I am definitely still reeling from the experience. It was a beautiful city with equally beautiful people. I spent a week in the city exploring all of the wonders it has to offer. I love traveling, especially to new cities and discovering places and making memories in each an every space that I go through. I reconnected with friends, made many new ones, and created a world of new memories that now only San Fransisco holds. 

I wish I could share all of my photos with you all but I took entirely WAY too much. So for now enjoy a few shots from my latest adventure.

 On the boat ride to Alcatraz Island.
 Beautiful day at Dolores Park.
 Amazing lunch at Starbelly Restaurant in Mission District.
 Walking the streets of ChinaTown.
 The "Painted Ladies"
 Inside of Alcatraz.
 Alcatraz Cell.
 Lighthouse on Alcatraz Island.
 Japanese Tea Garden in Golden Gate Park.

I can't wait for my next trip...where to next?