Travel Diary: Croatia

Back in July, I spent a week in Croatia. On a whim I accepted the opportunity to join a friend on Yacht Week. Before I knew it I was on a tiny EasyJet plane from Milan to Split. The Adriatic sea was beautiful. Each day started with the lull of the seas waves and ended with a crazy party. Day parties turned to night parties and strangers became good friends. Not only did I get to party and meet a bunch of new people and create bonds, we sailed each day to a different island and I got to discover the wonder that is Croatia. It was such an amazing experience & I wouldn't hesitate to do it again. 

Enjoy a few of the snaps I took between sunbathing, swimming, & dancing...

If I could take a plane back today, I would. I'm dreaming of the Adriatic Sea and the carefree life of Yacht Week.