Dear You, From Me.

This is a direct message from me to you.

You, who is reading this, know this:

I want the best for you.

Not because of who you are to me, but who you are to yourself and who you can be to the world.

I send these positive vibes throughout the universe so that they may reach you.

You deserve peace, love, and acceptance.

Whatever might have happened to you in the past does not matter now, the emotions you felt then no longer serve you & you no longer serve them.

I hope that you realize how much potential you have inside of you.

I hope that you realize that you hold within you so much power & love that is just waiting to be released.

Release all negativity, and use your authentic power to spread positivity and love in a world in desperate need of those vibrations.


Thank you for being you.

You matter.

& You are enough.