After an incredibly emotionally charged week last week, I’m starting this one off with reflection. 

While I still hold so much emotion and heaviness in my heart, I find myself constantly asking the same question- WHY? As I reflect I’m looking for how I come about learning to trust even when I don’t understand. 

I do not have answers, and for all the things in life I know I won’t. But I do know what is meant to be will be, and we will face things in our lives that arise and don’t make sense but it is simply the journey we are on. I’m personally still coming to grips with this, but I’m constantly working on it through faith. All I know is that I have comfort in my faith, comfort in my family, and friends. All of these things are love. Without it I wouldn’t function and without it there’d be no meaning. 

So this isn’t necessarily a post that is motivational or inspirational but more of me sharing some personal reflection with you. I also invite you to reflect with me– Spend some time to look within & around you. Make sure to surround yourself with love and emit love through all you do. It’s not gonna get better at the snap of a finger, rather it’s all about taking things step by step as you stay present. 

Featured Artwork: AbstractArtM / Snow Garden / Oil On Canvas

How are you learning to trust in the journey?