Resilience & Revitalization Meetup

Last Saturday I attended the first ever Resilience & Revitalization meetup at the Miami Beach Botanical Gardens. With the sun shining and the refreshing cool breeze, it was the perfect day to practice some emotional resilience techniques and participate in a shared imagining of what democracy could be.

Resilience & Revitalization is a ZINE as well as a biweekly event hosted by Spring Up founders Nastassja & Lea. R&R is a community that uses mindfulness, meditation, & movement for healing, self care, and the caring of one another.

This first meetup was also a political wellness themed event in which we were imagining the future of democracy with co-host Kerri Kelly of Citizen Well. With the impending election, during this event, hosts Nastassja & Lea shared how important it is to practice emotional resilience techniques especially when issues surrounding the election bring about negative / toxic feelings. 

Throughout the session, Nastassja & Lea shared EFT (emotional freedom technique). We also used essential oils & affirmations to make grounding objects as well as learned some great power poses. 

Overall the event was such an amazing experience. It is special to be able to meet in a group where you've created a safe space and can work on self-care and healing. I look forward to the next one on November 5th from 1-3 PM in the Miami Beach Botanical Gardens! 

Follow the Facebook page to stay tuned for some upcoming meetups. It is an open event, so feel free to join in on this safe space of healing and bring a friend or two! *Click here for the upcoming event on Nov. 5th*


The hosts (from left to right) – Nastassja, Lea, Kerri.