New Venture! – dōlogiic, LLC

I am so excited to share with you all one of my new exciting ventures which is co-founding and working for dōlogiic, LLC!

So you are probably wondering... "What's dōlogiic?" 

dōlogiic is a new start-up IT support company that offers cost-effective 24/7 IT + Tech support along with a full service social collaboration platform, and managed IT servies for corporations, startups, and entrepreneurs alike!

Their services are for any business or self starter in any industry!

So whether you are an self starter / entrepreneur, own your own small business, or corporation, dōlogiic can help you! The company's main focus is to provide its clients with instant agility.

I am part of the founding members of the company and work as the Director of Digital Media & Communications. This is an exciting new venture that I have embarked on and I am looking forward to all seeing the company flourish and be able to help so many people run their businesses with ease. From creatives to large corporations– this is a service that is for everyone.

Stay tuned and continue to keep up with me to hear more about the company and updates as we grow!

Don't let the lack of tech support keep you from innovating!–Learn more about dologiic today.

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