Moving In: Apartment Inspo

So if you keep up with me, you'd know that recently I announced I was moving into a new space. It's crazy how quickly the day came and went! I moved in on the 1st and I'm in process of unpacking, organizing and setting up the space to be more and more like home everyday. As I start to put together my interior I have created a layout of the space as well as created some moodboards to help me create a theme and look an feel that I aspire for my space. 

Here are a few of the moodboards I've put together that inspire the color palette, layout, textures, and even furniture inspiration. It's been fun researching images for inspiration and getting excited about actually being able to create a space that flows and matches my personality from scratch.

Enjoy the moodboards below...

My main colors in my palette are whites, blues, and greys. This is just a small insight into my vision for my new little apartment, and I can't wait to create and watch it come to fruition! & Soon I'll be able to share the completed space with you all!

Let me know your thoughts!

Birthday Getaway: Sarasota

Last weekend I celebrated my 23rd birthday by leaving town and spending some time at a much needed get away in Sarasota. Originally the trip was supposed to be a beach trip, but it ended up being much to cold, so we embraced the weather and enjoyed all the lovely things Sarasota had to offer.

Enjoy a few of the snaps I took over the weekend...

Every good birthday start off with breakfast in bed! 

Every good birthday start off with breakfast in bed! 

We spent the first half of the day with the animals at the Big Cat Habitat & Gulf Coast Sanctuary and the rest of the afternoon strolling around St. Armand's Circle.

Later that evening I embraced the weather and got all dolled up in my sweater dress, tights, and boots & headed off to a perfect birthday dinner evening!

All in all it was nice to get away, but it's finally back to reality and the moving process has begun! I'm excited and nervous all at once for this crazy week. Through it all I'll be daydreaming about my next adventure. 



One Day At A Time.

Have you ever been feeling so overwhelmed that you can't even get a simple thing done? This is how I felt yesterday...feeling like I was being taken over by a wave so strong that even my strongest efforts barely kept me afloat. Thanks to an amazing person in my life, I got a great piece of advice in this time of great darkness. She simply said to me "Take it one day at a time...". 

One day at a time? Really? That's it? It seems like maybe this is too simple, too small to make a difference when you are going something major or dealing with an immense amount of emotional distress. But let me tell you that when I awoke this morning with the intention to live the day out moment by moment, things began to change. Instead of worrying about next week, I started to slowly knock my tasks out one after another. 

Sometimes we get so caught up with seeing the big picture we start to become so overwhelmed by 'what could be' and lose the fact that what is most important is 'what is'. To enjoy every moment, to live in love, and grow through the mud and dirt, all it takes is to be mindful and to stay present. Of course we have goals and visions for the future, and it's ok to plan, but the most important thing to do is realize that today is a gift, tomorrow is uncertain, and we must cherish every moment.

So instead of letting all the negativity in your life overwhelm you by pilling up in one large mass, simple take it one day at a time, moment by moment. Stay present, be mindful, take care of yourself, and grow with each passing experience. 

Change Is Good.

January is almost over (it flew by!) & this is my first post of the New Year 😱. 2017 has started off with a bang and I've been moving at what seems like 100 mph. There are a lot of new things happening for me this year– big & exciting things that I am eager to share. As my life transitions in to a new place of change, so will this blog. Sometimes change is scary, but if we wish to grow and flourish, change is necessary and change can be good. 

So, what is changing in my life this year? 

First off, I am now working full time with my company dōlogiic, so I am focusing a lot more on growing the business as I take on the role of Director of Digital Media & Marketing. (If you want to know a bit more check out my previous post about it here.) I am also moving to a new apartment as of Feb. 1st! With this exciting new move I also will be working from Miami's co-working space Büro in Midtown. Throughout each of these new adventures, I will document my journey and share my experiences along the way!

So, what is changing to the blog this year?

As things change in my life, and I transition into a new space, new work schedule and style so will my blog. I want to keep my blog as a place for me to share inspiration and my personal stories and adventures. While I will still consider it a bit of a "lifestyle" blog it will appear more as a personal blog. It will be a little insight into my life and adventures. I will be posting a motivational / inspirational piece of writing at the beginning of each week on Mondays as I've always done, which I call "Motivational Mondays". Then throughout the week I will have 1-2 personal posts where I will share my experiences through events, adventures, inspiration, and more. I'm excited to share bits of my life with you all so be on the look out for posts Monday - Saturday and be sure to follow me on Instagram and Twitter as well, if you don't already!

Looking forward to sharing with you all, writing more often, and connecting with you through my blog!